Application Information


Mission & Theme

DARKSOME is Pennsylvania’s dark art and craft market. Darksome is specifically looking to showcase quality makers, artists and crafters whose work is dark, creepy, macabre, witchy, mystical, mysterious, strange, curious, scary, absurd and unsettling! Our mission is to showcase and promote quality artists and crafters from Pennsylvania and throughout the United States


Types of Work

Please note: We do not accept any vintage sellers or resellers.

Examples of handmade work we are looking for:

  • Accessories

  • Bath, Body, & Beauty Products

  • Ceramics

  • Clothing (hand sewn or screenprinted)

  • Fiber & Textile Art

  • Floral craft (wreaths, bouquets)

  • Furniture (handmade and remade/repurposed)

  • Glass

  • Home decor

  • Jewelry

  • Leather goods

  • Metal craft

  • Needlecraft

  • Original artwork and prints includes collage and any mixed media

  • Packaged food artisans (examples coffee, tea, sauces, honey etc.)

  • Paper craft

  • Toys/Figurines

  • Woodworking

If you have any questions about what type of work is acceptable, use the contact form or email


Application Tips

  • Submit High Quality Photos. This cannot be stressed enough. The images you include will be used for promotion.

  • We only accept image files in the application. You may NOT send images in a PDF or Word document.

  • You must have an online web presence. It is strongly encouraged that you have an Instagram account.

  • Where asked for on the application, include a short, well written statement/description written in third person so I do not have to edit it and ask you for your preferred pronouns!

  • Make sure you list and send photos of every category of item you will be selling at the market. (Example, if you sell ceramics but also leather jewelry, please list that on the application and provide photos of each).

  • If you also resell items, please make it clear in your application that you will only be selling your handmade items.


Selection Process

This is a curated market. The selection criteria are:

  • Quality of work

  • Fit with the Darksome theme

  • Variety of mediums (We seek to provide a wide variety of art and craft mediums at our market. Some categories tend to be more competitive than others such as jewelry and bath/body products)